NPC Xpress: Your online printing solution

NPC Xpress is a web based Web-to-Print (W2P) solution that enables buyers to select items they wish to purchase from a pre-defined list – they are able to view pricing, determine the quantity and specifications and pay with a credit card.

A broad range of unlimited template items such as corporate stationery, business cards, brochures and newsletters are offered while at the same time more complex items, such as direct mail components and marketing collateral are also supported.

Ordering, typesetting, proofing, workflow and fulfillment are all managed from the desktop, anywhere in the world. By giving our customers direct desktop control, NPC Xpress creates a more efficient and cost-effective purchasing system.

NPC Xpress maintains each client’s graphic standards, generates instant online proofs and provides multi-location organizations with the flexibility and convenience of Internet-based, remote ordering capability.

Benefits of our online print procurement solution

  •  A private, one-to-one, storefront for online ordering and fulfillment – accessible 24 / 7
  •  Provides consistency of product, quality & price
  •  Guarantees design standards for your company
  •  Reduces turnaround and fulfillment times
  •  Provides purchasing control with multi level order approval framework
  •  Access to critical report information, NPC Xpress comes standard with a comprehensive, fully customizable reporting engine
  •  Accurate budget planning by cost center
  •  Customized and branded for each individual client
  •  Offer accurate inventory levels for static items which can easily be managed by the user and supplier
We must always remember that no matter how many thousands of copies we produce on any printing job...our customer, and their customers, will look at the only one they have in their hands. Louis M. Newman, Jr.