NPC Xpress

Web-to-print, eCommerce and Print Procurement that is powerful simple and flexible.

NPC Xpress is a web to print solution designed to power your stationary print purchasing online. It includes simple intuitive tools, and support for a wide range of products. The initial catalog will be set up by Newman Printing at no cost to the customer and will take approximately one month. With NPC Xpress we can offer customers the most convenient and intuitive online print buying tools available. Print on-demand items are print jobs that are ordered from editable templates that we have built on your catalog. The customer simply selects the quantity, fills in the variable fields, approves the online proof and places an order. We will build customer templates from your pdf files which allows you to control consistency and assures customer standards are maintained. Additional templates will be added as requested by the customer at no charge. The user interface is intuitive and requires little to no training. If needed, our staff is well trained in NPC Xpress and will help by phone (M-F 8-5).

A simple but sharp custom URL with quick access designed to make ordering fast and easy. The beauty of NPC Xpress is it provides an easier and faster way to order printing. It allows us to offer maximum quality, consistent printing with extremely quick turnarounds at an affordable price. An added luxury is we provide detailed reporting to keep you up to date with your order history. A detailed report providing data from not only past orders, but up to date status reports on jobs that are currently being produced. Follow your job from the start to finish – from printing to delivery.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate NPC Xpress and answer any questions you may have.

Benefits of the NPC Xpress online print procurement solution

  •  A private, one-to-one, storefront for online ordering and fulfillment – accessible 24 / 7
  •  Provides consistency of product, quality & price
  •  Guarantees design standards for your company
  •  Reduces turnaround and fulfillment times
  •  Provides purchasing control with multi level order approval framework
  •  Access to critical report information, NPC Xpress comes standard with a comprehensive, fully customizable reporting engine
  •  Accurate budget planning by cost center
  •  Customized and branded for each individual client
  •  Offer accurate inventory levels for static items which can easily be managed by the user and supplier
We must always remember that no matter how many thousands of copies we produce on any printing job...our customer, and their customers, will look at the only one they have in their hands. Louis M. Newman, Jr.