NPC offers many proofing options to fit your job’s requirements.

You should have the most cost effective proof that will give you the visual information you will need to verify that the printed job will look the way you had envisioned. Your Customer Service Representative will suggest the proper proofs for you and your print job. They will also help you arrange for the proof to be delivered electronically or by courier.

PDF Proof

An electronic PDF “soft proof” will be sent to your computer. It will show you the size, text, and color of your job. This file will be uploaded in high resolution through ShareFile/Citrix and emailed as a hyperlink. This proof can be used instead of the laser proof, but we suggest you continue to the Digital Contract Color Proof for best results on color jobs.

Composite Laser Proof

A color proof with all colors represented on one sheet. Maximum size 11×17 inches.

IMPO Proof

An inkjet proof on a thin dull paper with pages imposed as they will print on the press. Proofs are double sided representing the press sheet, then folded and trimmed like the final product. This is a proof of black and white as well as color jobs, but the colors are not calibrated.

Color Digital Contract Proof

An inkjet proof on a satin finish paper, color calibrated to match our five-color press. It will match the color on the press with the paper color of the printed job being the only variable.

We must always remember that no matter how many thousands of copies we produce on any printing job...our customer, and their customers, will look at the only one they have in their hands. Louis M. Newman, Jr.