In-House Mailing Services

Once printed, your order doesn’t need to be shipped back to you or a mailing house for distribution. Newman Printing Company has its own, in-house, full-service mailing facility, allowing your print jobs to be mailed immediately after printing.

CASS certified mailing earns you considerable postage discounts that usually exceed the cost of our mailing services, resulting in faster and more accurate delivery at lower costs.

Our mailing equipment includes the following:

  • Canon Imagerunner 110 with personalized letter capability
  • SeaCap Jet 1 Addressing & Tabbing Machine
  • NCOA & CASS Certified Mailing
We must always remember that no matter how many thousands of copies we produce on any printing job...our customer, and their customers, will look at the only one they have in their hands. Louis M. Newman, Jr.